Terms of Service


The following terms and conditions apply additionally to ADSp.

1. The customer is solely responsible for the traffic safety of the vehicle to be transferred. A checklist will be provided by the Contractor upon request. If questions have to be answered with "no" or if uncertainties are necessary a consultation with the translator is necessary.

2. If the transfer is rejected because of technical deficiencies by the translator, costs for the access of 0,90 € per distance from Celle, at least 40.- € can be charged. (In each case plus VAT).

3. The customer is responsible for the necessary accompanying documents (with the exception of the vehicle registration and the confirmation of insurance for the transfer flag) and is liable for all costs incurred due to technical deficiencies in the vehicle and / or improper loading or insufficient accompanying documents / lack of approval or non-acceptance of German cross-border signs. (Warnings, fines, decommissioning, etc.) or damage caused by lost cargo, towing costs, mining costs, etc.)

4. The surfer is only liable for damage caused deliberately or negligently.
Liability for damage caused by defects in the vehicle or cargo with the cause is excluded. The replacement of losses from lost profit or loss of use is excluded. For delays due to traffic jams, weather effects, strikes, official complaints, or similar. The convoy can not be held responsible. The liability for loading (loading on / in the transfer vehicle) is limited to 1500.- € per transfer vehicle. In the case of strictly binding activity for companies, liability is limited to that of an employee. Authorized vehicles are to be insured by the customer in full insurance.

5. If technical defects occur during the transfer or if there are complaints from the authorities, the transferor shall be entitled to remedy or remedy any defects at the expense of the customer insofar as the measures appear to be economically appropriate. If a consultation with the customer is not possible or meaningful in the case of a major damage or defect or a complaint, the transferor is entitled, if possible, to drive the vehicle to a suitable parking space or to tow it, to remove its own transfer indications, Cost of the transfer to the place of the trip.

6. If the transfer has been repaired, attempted to repair, or the like. Or if there is a delay of more than one hour due to repairs, official complaints or during the takeover or handing over, these will be billed in addition to an agreed flat rate.

7. Fuel present in the vehicle can be used for the transfer,
Without the Customer being entitled to a substitute or a reduction claim.

8. Costs not included in a flat rate are charged at EUR 25 per hour (net) plus charges.

9. In the case of all (additional) measures of the transferor whose costs exceed 150, - €, he is obliged to consult the customer within the reasonable framework.

10. The surrogate's opinion on the condition of the vehicle and the load is not a guarantee that all controls can be passed without complaint and does not release the customer from his responsibility for possible defects or operational disturbances.

11. The selection of the driver is exclusively for the translator, unless a different written agreement has been made.

12. Significant photo documentation can replace the delivery document.

13. Invoices are due for payment within 10 days without deduction.
Complaints of the invoice are to be made in writing within 3 working days from receipt.

The invoice is then accepted. In case of disagreement about the amount of the invoice, the judgment of the Arbitration Board of the Chamber of Crafts Hanover is recognized as binding. The court is Celle.

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